After spending twenty years teaching at Trinity International University in Deerfield, Illinois, I retired with the rank of Professor Emeritus of Psychology. During my tenure at Trinity, I redesigned the curriculum of the Psychology Department, chaired the department for seventeen years, acted as Director of the School of Social Science, spearheaded the assessment and evaluation functions of the college, and served for years on the Faculty Personnel Committee. 

Upon my arrival at Trinity, I began a research project limited to students in my human sexuality class. It was designed to offer insights into the problems of conducting and interpreting a sex-based research program. Students were fascinated (and disturbed) with the results and implications of the project that ended up lasting 18 years. Many of the articles based on this research are published here.

When a sabbatical leave was granted in 1994, I chose a topic related to the course: the biblical concept of the one-flesh union and its relationship to marriage. The concept of a one-flesh union is mentioned a mere five times in scripture. I retreated to our mountain home in Oregon and established a sabbatical routine of study, library trips, writing and reflecting.

Together with various other papers, I offer them in the hope that readers may glean something of value from them.

On this web page, you will find the link to

All other papers may be accessed through this link. Please use the download buttons to view the publications:


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